Newport Beach, California Mold Inspections, and Testing

Have a mold problem?  Or worried that you might?  We provide Newport Beach homes and businesses with independent mold inspection-only and testing-only services to either put your mind at rest or to determine exactly what needs to be done.  The EPA’s recommendations are simple:  any outbreaks spanning more than a few feet across call for professional mold removal services.  The problem is hidden mold growth within wall cavities, underneath carpet or another flooring, or above ceilings.  Our Newport Beach services include single area inspections and property-wide mold visual inspections, post-remediation clearance inspections, and mold testing.

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Mold Problems

Mold, mildew, and fungus can grow anywhere there’s moisture.  So they’re especially common in humid Newport Beach locations.  Actually, the mold is a type of fungus characterized by tiny fuzzy filaments.  It spreads by invisibly small mold spores carried on even faint air currents so its “seeds” are already just about everywhere, indoors and out.

Besides discoloring surfaces it consumes many building materials and poses a serious hazard to human health.  There are dozens if not hundreds of different species in each location, and pretty much all of them release allergens, toxins, and possible carcinogens to some degree.

Those that produce mycotoxins at hazardous levels are called toxic molds, with Stachybotrys chartarum (black mold) the most notorious.  But other colors can pose health risks such as neurological disorders and organ damage as well.  Fortunately, that’s only the case with extensive fungal activity.

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A mold inspector looks for clues such as water stains and other indications of water damaged building materials, focusing on humid bathrooms, basements, crawlspaces, and any areas with a history of water damage.  Particular attention is paid to materials mold growth feeds on, including wallpaper, drywall (gypsum board or sheetrock), acoustic tiles, insulation, carpet, textiles, and so on.

Our highly trained and certified inspectors are experts at finding hidden mold and assessing the extent of mold growth in Newport Beach homes and businesses.  Inspections may range from visually inspecting a single area of concern (such as a leak under a sink or around a window) with verbal reporting all the way to an extensive examination using moisture meters and other technologies to identify problem areas.  As appropriate that may include a detailed written report of our findings along with recommendations for correcting moisture problems and mold removal.  We may in some instances recommend laboratory testing.


The entire structure needs to be free of the allergens, toxins, and other contamination mold releases.  Air sampling and surface sampling for the presence of mold spores is the best way to accomplish this.  We may take samples and recommend testing at an accredited laboratory in a few situations.

  • There are indications of health issues (such as otherwise unexplained eye and upper respiratory irritations, chronic coughing, active mold allergies).
  • Residential mold testing (single family dwellings and multi-family apartments) for pre-purchase and pre-sale documentation.
  • Commercial mold testing for protecting tenant health and avoiding damage repairs.

Post-remediation clearance laboratory testing to assure that mold removal efforts were thorough

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American Mold Inspection

Family owned and operated, our company is a licensed California contractor employing certified mold inspectors.  We perform all our services following the National Association of Mold Remediators’ and Inspectors’ Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics.

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