Entire Single Family Home Mold/Water Inspection

To avoid serious structural damage or adverse health issues, the structure needs to be free of excessive moisture from both indoors and outdoors sources. This is a complete inspection of the accessible areas of the grounds and structure that could potentially be contributing to Fungus, Mold or Dry Rot growth either now or in the future. Moisture detection equipment is used to find any areas of moisture. We will provide a detailed comprehensive report of all areas that need attention, repair or remediation to remove any fungal activity or to avoid it in the near future. If there are any areas of fungal activity (either active or inactive) we may recommend testing to determine if a there is a mold contamination. This service is typically ordered for a pre sale or pre purchase of a property but anyone that desires to rehab or maintain their property would be served well by this inspection.

Inspection and Report: Call for Quote

Samples for Laboratory Testing: Call for Quote

Written Inspection report and Laboratory Testing Report turnaround time – Approx 72hrs