Riverside, California Mold Inspections, and Testing

Have a mold problem in Riverside and need to know its extent? Not sure if you have hidden mold growth or not? Our certified inspectors are ready for everything from single area inspections for specific moisture problems all the way through to post-remediation clearance inspections for an entire facility. Meeting the highest ethical and technical standards, we perform mold inspection and testing only. But we do make recommendations for remediation and are happy to communicate with your mold removal contractor. In some instances, we may recommend and perform sampling and testing as a means to document issues and identify particular species infesting your Riverside home or business.

TIP:  Despite the otherwise dry climate, Riverside does have some muggy summer days.  Combine that with air conditioning and showers or other sources of indoor moisture and that’s a recipe for mold.  So make sure such areas are properly ventilated, clean up overflows immediately, and don’t neglect leaks.

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Mold Is…

a highly diverse family of fungus.  Divided into about a dozen families, there are some 100,000 species world wide.  The growing body is typically fluffy white, with spores of different colors often giving a dusty appearance.  Those microscopic mold spores easily travel in the air, reaching just about everywhere, indoors and out.  Living off dissolved nutrients, all the need to grow is moisture.

So problems occur when flooding, overflows, leaks or poor ventilation result in lingering moisture or stuffiness.  Mold actually prefers complete darkness and often remains hidden inside building cavities and under flooring where it permanently damages porous building materials.

Regardless of where they might be hiding all species cause allergic reactions, although some people are more sensitive than others.  Symptoms include stuffiness, coughing, and headaches.  Prolonged exposure can lead to sinus infections and possibly serious respiratory problems.  They also all produce mycotoxins, and a small portion release enough to cause serious health conditions, perhaps including cancer and neurological damage at high levels of exposure.  The most common such species found indoors in Riverside and throughout the US include the following.

  • Stachybotrys chartarum.  The infamous “toxic black mold” is most often found on wallpaper, drywall, insulation, and carpet.  But keep in mind that not all toxic species are black, and not all black molds are toxic.
  • Nearly all species in this family are actually harmful.  They’re commonly found in food, water damaged building materials, dust, drywall, and wallpaper.
  • This family thrives on water-damaged building materials, including paint, as well as dust.


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Visual Inspections

We perform several different types of visual inspection and assessment for single- and multi-family homes as well as for commercial buildings in and around Riverside.

  • Single area inspections cover a single area of concern, such as leaks under a kitchen sink, a poorly vented bathroom, or leaks in a mechanical room.
  • Visual inspection of an entire single-family home seeks out indoor and outdoor moisture sources as well as evidence of mold growth.  That often includes a mold inspector using moisture meters.  We provide a detailed report of any concerns and recommended actions.  We may also suggest testing for pre-sale and pre-purchase situations as well as for rental property managers.
  • Commercial mold inspections cover all accessible areas within the building and on the grounds, looking for dampness issues, fungus, mold, and dry rot with a comprehensive report on our findings along with recommendations for any further action.
  • Source detection.  When odors, health issues, and other indications suggest mold growth but the source is unknown, we use additional technologies such as thermal imaging and borescopes in our inspections.  Detection and location may also involve opening up building cavities, and we often coordinate this effort with the mold removal contractor.
  • Post-remediation clearance inspections determine and document the results of mold removal.  Post-remediation may also include taking samples and laboratory analysis.

For less serious problems we offer a visual inspection for moisture and mold with a verbal report of our findings and suggestions.

Sampling and Laboratory Testing

Sampling followed by accredited laboratory testing objectively establishes the level of spores.  That can be important in legal actions and in identifying species for allergy or other medical treatments.  Because of wide variations over time and location our mold testing makes extensive air sampling, surface (tape) sampling, and bulk material sampling.

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American Mold Inspection

With potentially high costs, legal liabilities, and serious health conditions you want highly trained certified inspectors for your Riverside property.

Our founder has 38 years experience in mold inspection.  In addition to being a certified mold inspector, he is a certified mold remediator and journeyman carpenter.  American Mold Inspection is a California state licensed general contractor and performs all inspections and testing for mold following the standards of practice and code of ethics of the National Association of Mold Remediators.