Laguna Beach, California Mold Inspections, and Testing

There’s no need to panic at the slightest sign of mold growth.  But it shouldn’t be ignored either.  Resulting from excess moisture, mold problems are common in Laguna Beach.  When the infested or damp area is more than a couple of feet across a professional visual inspection is in order.

Mold is a type of fungus, and its many species come in a variety of colors.  Some are highly toxic — including more than just the dreaded black mold release high levels of mycotoxins — while most are not.  But pretty much all types pose risks to human health.  That’s primarily as a result of allergic reactions that can lead to severe respiratory problems.  Mold spores are present to some degree almost everywhere, indoors and out, and don’t need the light for growing.  So in addition to what you can see, there can be a great deal of hidden mold inside walls, underneath the flooring, in attics, and crawl spaces.

If you’ve had a moisture problem in a bathroom or any poorly ventilated area, a plumbing failure, or any water damage a mold inspection will identify any hazards.  That’s especially important if you notice musty odors or if anyone is experiencing chronic coughing or sinusitis, headaches, unexplained cold- or flu-like symptoms, nasal allergies, or eye irritations.  Checks by certified inspectors are relatively inexpensive, and extensive mold testing is usually not necessary.

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Types Of Mold Inspections

Our certified inspectors begin with a visual inspection, looking for signs of fungal activity as well as clues to water damage such as stains and discoloration.  If that evidence, or a recent water incident, suggests the possibility of hidden mold they will also use hygrometers, sensitive moisture meters, and thermal imaging to look for pockets of trapped dampness.  In some instances, they may drill a small hole and use a borescope to inspect inside building cavities visually.  Or if there’s no other option remove wall, floor, or ceiling materials.

In general mold testing isn’t necessary in resolving a problem.  There are no safe levels set for spore count, and except for certain medical treatments for allergies or fungal infections, it’s not critical to determine the specific species involved.  If there’s mold growth, it should be removed.  Sampling and laboratory testing may be performed as part of pre-sale / pre-purchase inspections for real estate transactions.  And a post-remediation clearance inspection may incorporate laboratory testing to establish that indoor spore counts are no longer more than outdoor counts.

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Appropriate Scope

We offer several levels of inspection to match your situation.  Single area inspections cover a separate area of concern, such as around a ruptured water heater or an unusually humid bathroom.  These may conclude with a simple verbal report on our findings and suggestions.  At the opposite extreme, we can inspect an entire single-family, multi-family, or commercial property.  Results would include a comprehensive written report of our findings identifying areas in need of mold remediation as well as measures needed to correct moisture sources.

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